Buildings Inspections and Due Diligence studies

  • PICT0033.JPGPICT0020.JPGMarcai Design has carried out over 50 building inspections of large and medium sized structures across Japan for various large international developers and major international investors.
  • PICT0313.JPGDue Diligence and Assessment projects include modern high-rise skyscrapers, corporate headquarter buildings, banks, large residential apartment buildings, etc, in Tokyo, Osaka and across Japan.
  • The scope of such studies typically includes site inspections, structural appraisals, seismic and operational/location risk assessments, possible upgrading proposals and the issuing of reports.
  • Seismic strength assessments have been carried out as per Japanese codes on existing structures in Tokyo, as well as fire and smoke risk reviews for existing Embassies buildings, including proposals for upgrading for code compliance
  • PICT0046.JPGMarcai Design also arranges the preparation of PML (Probable Maximum Loss) reports, and has prepared numerous PML analysis reports on various properties across Japan
  • Marcai Design also has acted as Lead Managing Consultant for international clients on Due Diligence studies, appointing and managing other specialist consultants for issuing final comprehensive reports for Clients, and has acted as Lead Managing Consultant, as well as Structural consultant, on various properties across Japan.


Data Center Consulting / Major Server/Equipment rooms

  • DSCN0164.JPGMarcai Design has carried out a large number of inspections and assessment studies for the planning, construction and/or fitting out of data centers for major international banks and data center operators
  • Scope of work includes overall risk assessments (seismic, location etc). structural appraisals, fit-out issues, summaries of overall advantages and disadvantages, etc.
  • Marcai Design projects for data centers and major equipment server rooms, include planned new constructions, new developments, existing buildings and the retrofit and upgrading of existing installations.



  • Marcai Design has prepared a large number (well over 100) of proposals on behalf of a major global Contractor, including Prequalification documents and Technical Tender proposals, covering both Building and Civil Engineering projects, in over 30 countries in 6 continents
  • These proposals are mainly technical in nature, and typically cover the following topics: Design Management, Project Management, Construction Method Statements, Quality Management, Safety Management, Environmental Management, Sustainability (in Design & Construction), Construction Planning & Schedule proposals, Subcontracting and Procurement strategies, Preparation of Narratives, Preparation of Technical Descriptions and Capabilities. Prequalification proposals on which Marcai Design played a leading role have a success rate close to 100%.
  • For tenders, the consulting and preparation work carried out by Marcai Design also includes (in addition to the above): Technical Risk Assessments, Contract Documentation Reviews (Drawings, Specifications, Contract Conditions, Employer Requirements etc), Design reviews, Design Team Management and Selection of Consultants (for Design-Build tenders); Preparation of Requests for Proposals, Review of Sub-contractor proposals, Value Engineering Proposals, etc.
  • Prequalification proposals on which Marcai Design played a leading role have a success rate close to 100%.
  • Technical Tender proposals have also almost always have received highest ranking ratings.
  • Marcai Design has also produced prequalification and tender submittal documents in French and Spanish, in addition to English.
  • A selection of some major recent projects in which Marcai Design has had a major involvement in both Prequalification and Tendering include the following. Note that all :those listed below were successful proposals leading to award, except where noted thus(*)
  • Bosphorus Tunnel Marmary Crossing Project, Istanbul, Turkey (Design-Build)
  • Budapest Metro Line 4*
  • Rades-La Goulette Bridge, Tunisia
  • Industrial Ring Road Cables Stay Bridges, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bandaranaike Airport, Sri Lanka
  • North-South Highway, Sri Lanka
  • Sofia Metro Line, Bulgaria
  • Pak Kret Bridge, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bai Chay Bridge, Vietnam
  • Brighwater Tunnel, Seattle, USA
  • Abu Dhabi Louvre Project, UAE*
  • Abu Dhabi National Stadium Project( with moving roof)*
  • Masdar Headquarters Building, Abu Dhabi*
  • Downtown Doha, Phases 1B and 1C, Qatar*
  • Doha Metro (Tunnel lines and stations)*
  • New Airports for Yangon, Myanmar (Yangon City and Hanthawaddy)*


Pre-construction Consulting services

  • Picture2.jpgMarcai Design has worked with a major global contractor in carrying out pre-construction consulting services on major projects for various major developers.
  • The scope of pre-construction consulting performed by Marcai Design covers the following: Design reviews (structural, architectural, planning), Buildability, Construction planning, Schedule planning, Value Engineering, Procurement Strategy, Construction Sequencing, Innovation, Logistics planning, technical studies, cost/time saving proposals, etc.
  • Marcai Design has played a leading role in providing preconstruction consulting services on the following major projects
  • Tall Tower (over 1km tall), Dubai, UAE
  • Trump Tower (over 60F), Dubai, UAE
  • Mixed-Use Tower (over 80F), Doha, Qatar
  • Large retail/commercial/residential development, Dubai, UAE
  • Tameer Tower (over 120F), Dubai, UAE
  • Residential Towers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia